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The Benefits of Your Child Being Physically Active

There are many benefits to keeping your child physically active, especially throughout these hot summer months. When school is out, children tend to gravitate towards electronics instead of physical activity. What they typically do not realize is that there are many benefits to being physically active. By building great fitness and nutrition habits at a young age, children decrease their likelihood of many common health risks and increase their likelihood for a healthy and successful future. Active children benefit from their healthy lifestyles in the following ways:

  • They have built strong muscles and bones to help them do the things they want and need to do.

  • Health risks, such as obesity, high cholesterol and diabetes, are not a concern because they have burned calories instead of storing them as fat and they have kept their blood sugar levels in a healthy range.

  • Active children have a better outlook on life, sleep better, and are more alert during the day, which attributes to lower blood pressure.

  • They are more academically motivated and are more likely to be successful at the goals they are trying to achieve.

All of these benefits contribute to building the child’s self-esteem, which includes a healthy body image. There are many other benefits, including stress-relief, strength, endurance, and increased mental health. Children also gain confidence, physically and mentally, from being physically fit. With all of these benefits, and many more, you can see why we are so passionate about helping your child be physically active.

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